Best Fireplace Doors For Masonry Fireplace

of Jul 2024

UniFlame Kendall Cabinet Style Fireplace Doors

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⋅ Steel constructed frame.
⋅ Fits masonry fireplaces only, not for prefabricated fireplaces
⋅ Reduces chimney draft.
⋅ Durable mesh magnetic doors.
⋅ Size Large Fits Opening: 36-in to 43-in W x 25.5-in to 32.5-in H
⋅ Color: Black

Pleasant Hearth CR 3401 Craton Fireplace Glass Door Gunmetal

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⋅ Reduces heat loss up your chimney by 90% when the fireplace is not in use
⋅ Cabinet style doors with premium-quality hinges and easy-catch magnets fully open to provide a full view of your fireplace
⋅ Premium welded metal mesh panels
⋅ Thick 3/16in. smoked tempered safety glass
⋅ 1 3/4in. thick welded and mitered construction

Pleasant Hearth Clairmont Fireplace Glass Door Small CM 3010

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⋅ Bi-fold style doors with 3/16-Inch tempered safety smoked glass, premium rigid mesh panels,premium-quality hinges, and easy-catch magnets
⋅ Includes a 2-Inch riser bar riser bar incl...

Pleasant Hearth AT 1001 1111 fireplace screen Black Medium

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⋅ Medium size dimensions: 30-37-Inch width of firebox opening and 25.5-32.5-Inch height of firebox opening, with 37.5-33" overall frame dimensions
⋅ Black Finish with Clear Glass
⋅ Standard Mesh Panel ; 1in. thick welded construction
⋅ Bi-fold Doors. Thick 3/16in. clear tempered safety glass
⋅ 4 in. "easy grip" handles.Glass Thickness:0.1875 inches

Pleasant Hearth AN 1010 Alpine Fireplace Glass Door Black

⋅ Small size dimensions: 30-37-Inch width of firebox opening and 22.5-29.5-Inch height of firebox opening, with 37.5-30-Inch overall frame dimensions
⋅ Black Finish with Clear Glass. 0.1875 inch clear tempered glass doors open completely for a full view of fireplace
⋅ Standard Mesh Panel
⋅ Cabinet Doors
⋅ 5-Inch"easy grip" handles

Pleasant Hearth AT 1002 Ascot Fireplace Glass Door Black

⋅ Large size dimensions: Overall frame dimensions 43.5” x 33”. / Fits a fireplace opening of Width: 36” - 43” and Height: 25.5” - 32.5”.
⋅ For Masonary Fireplaces Only: Not for prefabricated fireplaces
⋅ Standard Mesh Panel
⋅ Bi-fold Doors
⋅ 4 in. "easy grip" handles.
⋅ 3/16 in. clear tempered glass doors open 180 for a full view of fireplace
⋅ Black Finish with Clear Glass

Pleasant Hearth Carlisle Fireplace Glass Door Large CL 3002

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⋅ Dimensions: 43 ½" W x 33" H
⋅ Fits Opening Width: 36" ~ 43" || Fits Opening Height: 25 ½" ~ 32 ½"
⋅ Black Finish with Smoked Glass
⋅ Premium/Fine Mesh Panel. B...

Pleasant Hearth Alsip Sunlight Nickel Glass Firescreen Door

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⋅ Rigid mesh fire screen panels
⋅ Dimensions – 37.5" W x 30" H | Fits openings – 30”-37” W x 22.5”-29.5” H | Height includes a 2” riser bar (not assembled)
⋅ Ea...

Pleasant Hearth CB 3302 Colby Fireplace Glass Door Sunlight

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⋅ For masonry fireplaces ONLY, DO NOT use on prefabricated fireplaces
⋅ Overall Dimensions(2" riser bar included): 43.5”W x 33”H; Fits Fireplace Opening: 36"-43"W x 25.5"-32.5"H; S...

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