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Whitmor Wire Over The Door Ironing Caddy

The Whitmor Wire Over The Door Ironing Caddy is the perfect storage solution for your iron and ironing board. This caddy maximizes your laundry room space by storing your ironing board and laundry ite...

Rowenta Focus Stainless Steel Soleplate Iron 3 Pounds 1725 Watts Ironing, Fabric Steamer, Garment Steamer...

The Rowenta Focus DW5280 is the perfect tool for achieving professional-looking results with ease. This German-made iron features a powerful 1725-watt soleplate, delivering a new standard in glide and...

Rowenta DA1560 Travel

7. ULTRA-FAST: Ready to use in 25 seconds and offering impressive steam output, the Rowenta DA1560 Travel-Ready 1000-Watt Compact Steam Iron Stainless Steel Soleplate 120-Volt and 240-Volt, 200-Hole, ...

Conair 2

The Conair Turbo ExtremeSteam® Steam & Iron 2-in-1 is the perfect solution for all your steaming and ironing needs. This powerful 1875W handheld garment steamer doubles as an iron for vertical and ho...

Rowenta DW8080 Professional Micro Steam Iron Stainless Steel Soleplate with Auto

The Rowenta DW8080 Professional Micro Steam Iron is the perfect tool for achieving professional-quality results at home. This powerful 1700-watt iron features a scratch-resistant, stainless-steel sole...

Rowenta Xcel Steam Compact DR7000 Hand

More Info

Introducing the Rowenta Xcel Steam Compact DR7000 Hand-held Garment Steamer, the perfect solution for quickly and easily removing wrinkles from all types of fabrics. This powerful yet compact steamer ...


More Info

4. The J-4000 Jiffy Garment Steamer has a plastic steam head that is designed to efficiently distribute steam over the fabric 5. The 120-volt motor provides plenty of power to give you the best resul...

Conair Handheld Garment Steamer for Clothes, Turbo ExtremeSteam 1875W, Portable Handheld Design, Strong...

More Info


More Info

The SALAV GS18-DJ Standing Garment Steamer is the perfect tool for all your clothing and fabric needs. This powerful steamer features 1500 watts of steam to quickly and safely smooth out wrinkles, mak...

Rowenta Access Steam Iron, Stainless Steel Soleplate, 300 microsteam holes, 1700 watts, Black/Red

More Info

8. Large water tank (400 ml) for fewer refills 9. 1700 watts of power for professional results The Rowenta Accessteam Steam Iron is the perfect choice for those who want a powerful, long-lasting ...

Sharper Image SI

More Info

The Sharper Image SI-470 Canister Garment Steamer is the perfect addition to any laundry room. With its quick heat up time and powerful steam, it is the most effective and reliable way to remove wrink...

Steamfast SF

More Info

The Steamfast SF-623 Fabric Steam Press is the perfect solution for a professional-quality pressing experience in the comfort of your own home. With a press of a button, bursts of hot steam penetrate ...

Rowenta IS2461 Garment Steamer, 45

The Rowenta IS2461 Garment Steamer is the perfect solution for those who want to quickly de-wrinkle and freshen their garments without the hassle of an ironing board and iron. This high-efficiency ste...

Rowenta Prostyle Garment Steamer, Full Size, Black and Silver

8. Removable water tank for easy refilling 9. Can be used to refresh or sanitize sofas, curtains and sheets The Rowenta Prostyle Garment Steamer is the perfect solution for those who want to save t...

BEAUTURAL Steamer for Clothes, Portable Handheld Garment Fabric Wrinkles Remover, 30

More Info

Introducing the BEAUTURAL Steamer for Clothes, a powerful and portable handheld garment fabric wrinkle remover. With 1200 watts and a 30-second fast heat-up, this steamer will dewrinkle your clothes i...

Hilife Steamer for Clothes, Portable Handheld Design, 240ml Big Capacity, 700W, Strong Penetrating Steam,...

More Info

6. [Safe]The Hilife Steamer for Clothes is equipped with an automatic shut-off feature that prevents overheating and ensures your safety. 7. [Easy Maintenance] This steamer is easy to maintain and cl...

Rowenta DR6131 Handheld Steamer, 15 Second Heat Up and Ultra Light Body, Green

More Info

6. INTUITIVE CONTROLS - Steam on-demand with a simple press of the trigger and the LED indicator light signals when the steamer is ready to use 7. ENHANCED SAFETY FEATURES - The Rowenta X-Cel Steam First Handheld Steamer is designed with a safety auto shut-off feature and a heat shield for added protection against accidental burns

Rowenta IS9100 Precision Valet Commercial Full Size Garment Steamer with Retractable Cord and Variable...

More Info

Rowenta IS9100 Precision Valet Commercial Full Size Garment Steamer is the perfect tool for taking care of your garments and furnishings. With a unique code-breaking design to streamline performance, ...

Rowenta X

More Info

6. Micro metal steam head with multiple steam holes for perfect steam coverage 7. Light indicator for when the device is ready to use 8. Comfort handle for easy maneuvering 9. Aqua Blue color 10. ...

Rowenta is a well-known name in the market of household appliances, especially when it comes to steamers and irons. They have a reputation for producing efficient and high-quality products that are both durable and user-friendly. Their steamers are designed to provide superior wrinkle removal and fabric care performance. However, with so many models and features available, it can be challenging to choose the best rowenta steamer that suits your needs. Here are valuable tips to help you make an informed decision before buying your Rowenta Steamer.

Steamer Type

When it comes to Rowenta steamers, you have two major choices: handheld steamers and garment steamers. Handheld steamers are perfect for light-duty tasks like steaming clothing and curtains, whereas garment steamers are larger and more powerful and are used for a more significant amount of clothes. Understanding the difference between these types of steamers will help you choose the right one.
Handheld Steamers
Handheld steamers are portable and more affordable. They are perfect for on-the-go steaming, and they are suitable for quick steaming of clothing, linens, and curtains. They are easy to use and store, making them a perfect travel accessory.
Garment Steamers
Garment steamers are larger and more powerful, and they are designed for larger and more heavy-duty tasks. They can handle heavy fabrics like jackets, drapes, and comforters efficiently. If you have a family and you are more into home living, garment steamers are the perfect type of Rowenta steamer for the job. They move smoothly on the fabric and can cover a wide area as compared to handheld steamers.

Size and Weight

The size and weight of a Rowenta steamer can make a big difference in terms of its portability and ease of use. If you are looking for a portable steamer to take with you while traveling or going to work, choose a smaller and more lightweight model. Generally, handheld steamers are lighter and smaller than garment steamers. However, if you are looking for a steamer that you can use frequently in your home, you may benefit from purchasing a larger and more robust garment steamer.
A portable steamer comes in handy, especially when you are on the go. In this regard, it is essential to check the portability features of your steamer. Consider features such as a compact size and a long power cord, which will make traveling with your steamer more convenient.

Water Tank Capacity

The water tank capacity of your Rowenta steamer significantly affects its performance. A larger water tank will provide more continuous steam, which is ideal for longer ironing sessions.
Removable and Refillable Tank
Rowenta steamers with removable tanks make it easy to refill and clean the water tank, which can save you time and effort. Customers prefer the removable and refillable water tanks because they are easier to use, and they make it possible to monitor the water levels.

Power and Heat-Up Time

The power rating of your Rowenta steamer determines how quickly the device heats up, which is essential for efficient and fast steaming. Look for steamers with higher power ratings, which heat up faster and provide continuous steam.
Heat-Up Time
Heat-up time is the amount of time required for the steamer to heat up to the desired temperature. The heat-up time of a steamer is critical as it determines how quickly the steamer will be ready for use. The faster the heat-up time, the faster the steamer is ready for use. Typically, good Rowenta steamers have a heat-up time of fewer than two minutes.
Power Rating
The power rating of a steamer determines its effectiveness and speed. Rowenta steamers with a power rating of around 300 watts are powerful enough to provide steam for continuous ironing. Moreover, high wattage also provides a more powerful steam release, which removes wrinkles more efficiently.

Steam Output

The steam output of your Rowenta steamer determines the effectiveness of the device. A higher steam output will help remove wrinkles faster and provide a more professional finish. Consider steam holes to help you pick the best steamer that provides higher steam output.
Steam Holes
Steam holes are an essential feature of any Rowenta steamer. Steam holes allow for even and efficient steam output, which is essential for providing a professional ironing finish. A good Rowenta steamer should have a reasonable number of steam holes to ensure that the steam is delivered evenly and continuously.

Safety Features

Rowenta steamers have safety features that ensure safety while using the device. The safety features vary depending on the model of the steamer.
Auto Shut-Off
Rowenta steamers with an automatic shut-off are a great safety feature. This feature ensures that the steamer shuts off after a certain amount of time, preventing steamers from overheating and causing damage to either the device or the user.
Steam Trigger Lock
The steam trigger lock feature ensures that the steam output remains constant while the steamer is in use. This feature ensures that no steam is released compared to a traditional iron that continues to release steam while it is not in use.


To summarize, choosing a Rowenta Steamer that suits your needs can be a challenging task. It is essential to consider factors such as steamer type, size, water tank capacity, power rating, heat-up time, steam output, and safety features before deciding on the best one for you. Take your time and do your research before making a purchase to ensure that you find a steamer that fits your requirements perfectly.

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