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6. Water resistant when dry 7. Heat setting is recommended 8. Weighs 0.05-pounds; measures 2/3-inch length by 2-1/7-inch width by 7-1/4-inch height The UCHIDA 222-C-G2 Marvy Deco Fabric Fine Poin...

SAKURA Pigma Micron Fineliner Pens

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The SAKURA Pigma Micron Fineliner Pens are the go-to tool for art, work and play. These pens are the perfect choice for anyone looking for precision, accuracy and preservation. The archival quality of...


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The UCHIDA 522-C-F10 Marvy Fine Point Fabric Marker is the perfect choice for adding detail to fabric projects. This marker contains an odorless, acid free and non-toxic permanent ink with a fine bull...

Crayola Fabric Markers, At Home Crafts for Kids, Fine Tip, Assorted Colors, Set of 10

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8. Personalize and decorate fabric clothing, accessories and more with these fine line markers. 9. Lock in the color by running it through a dryer cycle. Once complete, your creation will be bright and machine washable. 10. Crayola Fabric Pens are intended for use on Cotton and Polyester fabrics. Makes a great birthday, holiday, or everyday gift for creative girls and boys. Safe and nontoxic, ideal for ages 3 and up.

posca Acrylic Paint Marker, Fine, Black

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5. Fade-resistant, waterproof and quick-drying 6. Reversible fine bullet tip for precise lines 7. Alcohol and solvent-free The Posca PC-3M Reversible Fine Bullet Tip Acrylic Paint Marker is an id...

Crayola Fabric Marker Classpack, Ten Assorted Colors, 80/Box

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⋅ CRAYOLA FABRIC MARKER ASSORTED COLORS CLASSPACK: Fabric marker pack includes 80 Fine Line Crayola Markers in 10 different colors

Sharpie Stained Fabric Markers, Brush Tip, Assorted Colors, 8 Count

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Create one-of-a-kind clothing and accessories with Sharpie Stained Fabric Markers. Loaded with eight colors of vivid ink that's designed to resist fading even after washes, these fabric markers are pe...

Clover 5032 Purple Fine Air Erasable Marker with Eraser

The Clover No.5032 Air Erasable Marker/Purple Fine tip and Eraser is the perfect tool for quilters, sewers, and any other crafting project that requires precise marking. This marker is designed to mak...


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Tulip Fabric Paint Markers Rainbow 15 Pack are the perfect way to add bold, vibrant colors to your light and dark fabrics. These easy-to-use bullet-tip markers dry quickly with a permanent, opaque fin...

Sargent Art 22

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Sargent Art Bright Fabric Markers are the perfect way to let your creativity run free! This set of 10 markers is a great way to provide students with the art tools they need. The markers come in a fan...

Uchida Of America Brush Fabric Marker Art Supplies, Assorted

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Introducing the Uchida Of America Brush Fabric Marker Art Supplies, Assorted 722-6D FABRIC BRUSH MARKER SET D! This set of fabric markers is perfect for any crafter, artist, or fabric enthusiast. The ...

Amazon Basics Fabric Markers, Assorted Colors, 8

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Introducing the Amazon Basics Fabric Markers, an Amazon Brand. This set of 8 fabric markers with bullet tips is perfect for writing and drawing on fabric, making it a great choice for decorating T-shi...

Tulip Fashion Markers 40269 Mrkt Multi Dual Tip Graffiti Neon 6Pk, 6 Pack, As Detailed

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6. All paints are non-toxic and machine washable. Tulip Fashion Markers 40269 Mrkt Multi Dual Tip Graffiti Neon 6Pk are the perfect choice for any crafter looking to add a unique and vibrant touch ...


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The UCHIDA 1022S-C Marvy Fine Point Paper and Fabric Embellishing Snow Marker is the perfect tool for adding a special touch to your paper and fabric crafts. This marker is made in Japan and comes in ...

edding 4500 textile marker

The edding 4500 Textile Marker is the perfect choice for making your fabric projects stand out! This permanent fabric marker has a 2-3 mm round nib and is ideal for colouring in, drawing and writing o...


The UCHIDA 315-C-74 Marvy Deco Color Chisel Tip Acrylic Paint Marker in Aquamarine is the perfect all purpose crafting marker. With its 3-way chisel tip, you can create thick and thin lines with ease....

Tulip Fashion Markers 33586 Mrkt Multi Opaque 6Pk Primary, As Detailed

The TULIP Fashion Markers 33586 Mrkt Multi Opaque 6Pk Primary is the perfect tool for creating beautiful and unique designs on fabric. This set of six markers features a bullet-tip that allows for pre...

Super Markers 20 Unique Colors Dual Tip Fabric & T

Introducing Super Markers, the perfect fabric and T-shirt marker set with 20 unique colors and dual tips for both fine and broad strokes. With Super Markers, you can unleash your inner artist and crea...


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The UCHIDA 622-C-65 Marvy Broad Point Fabric Marker in Cherry is the perfect tool for all your fabric marking needs. This fabric marker features a broad point which is great for both details and cover...

Valuable Tips When Choosing Fabric Markers Products

Whether you are an artist, a crafter, or simply a DIY enthusiast, you know how essential it is to have the right art supplies. When it comes to fabric markers, you need to be extra cautious in choosing the right one. They come in different colors, styles, and materials, which can make your selection process a bit overwhelming. To help you out, here are some valuable tips to keep in mind when choosing fabric markers:

1. Look for Fabric Compatibility

Before buying any fabric markers, check the compatibility of the pens with your fabric. Not all markers work well with every material, and using the wrong type can lead to poor coloring, bleeding or even damage to the material. Some fabric markers work best on cotton, while others are more suitable for synthetic or blended materials. Make sure to read the label of each marker and choose the one that best suits your project's fabric.

2. Consider the Tip Size

Fabric markers come in different tip sizes and shapes, so consider the size you need for your project. A larger tip size is more suitable for filling in large spaces or lettering, while a finer tip is more convenient for drawing intricate details. If you plan on using the markers for a variety of projects, a pack with different size options may be more beneficial for you.

3. Water Resistance

If you plan on washing your fabric regularly or using it outside, choose a fabric marker that is water-resistant. Some markers may fade or wash out over time, while others are specifically designed to withstand water exposure. Water resistance is not only applicable when washing the material, but also when using the fabric outdoors, or when exposed to humidity.

4. Lightfastness

Lightfastness refers to a marker's ability to resist fading when exposed to sunlight or other light sources. If you plan on placing your fabric in a spot exposed to natural or artificial lighting, make sure to choose a fabric marker that is lightfast. Not all fabric markers have this feature, so double-check the label or packaging before buying.

5. Pigment Concentration

The pigment concentration of a fabric marker determines how vivid the colors will appear on your fabric. Some markers have a low concentration of pigments, resulting in dull or muted colors, while others have a higher concentration to provide brighter and more vibrant hues. A marker's ink quality also determines its pigment concentration, so choose a high-quality brand for brighter colors on your fabric.

6. Drying Time

Choose a fabric marker that has quick-drying ink, especially if you plan on layering colors. A marker that takes too long to dry can lead to smudging or bleeding, which can ruin your entire project. Quick-drying inks also allow you to complete your projects faster, freeing up your time for other things.

7. Brand Reputation

The brand reputation is an essential factor to consider when choosing fabric markers. A renowned brand is likely to produce high-quality markers with excellent performance compared to less popular ones. Do a bit of research on different fabric marker brands and compare their features, prices, and customer reviews before selecting one.

8. Non-Toxicity

If you plan on using fabric markers for kids' projects, it is vital to choose non-toxic ones. These markers do not contain harmful chemicals that can harm your children or pets. The good thing is that most fabric markers indicate whether they are toxic or non-toxic. If it is not indicated on the label, double-check the manufacturer's website or packaging.

9. Cost

Fabric markers come at different prices, depending on the brand, size, and quality. Choose a high-quality fabric marker that is within your budget, and avoid sacrificing quality for affordability. A low-quality marker may seem cheaper at first, but it may not last long, leading to additional expenses in the long run.

10. Usage Purpose

Lastly, consider the purpose of your fabric markers. Are you using them for professional artwork or just a fun DIY project? A professional artist may require more advanced and high-quality markers than a casual hobbyist. Understanding your project's intention can help you select the right quality and brand of fabric markers.


Fabric markers are essential art supplies that come in handy for various projects. Choosing the right one can be challenging, but with the above tips in mind, you can find the perfect marker for your project. When selecting a fabric marker, consider the fabric compatibility, tip size, water resistance, lightfastness, pigment concentration, drying time, brand reputation, non-toxicity, cost, and usage purpose. With these factors in mind, you can achieve excellent results with your fabric projects.

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