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of Feb 2024

Essie Gel Couture Long

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Essie Gel Couture Long-Lasting Nail Polish is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a long-lasting, chip and fade-resistant nail color with a gel-like high shine. This 8-Free Vegan formula in Shee...

Kiss Everlasting French Nail Manicure, Chip

Kiss Everlasting French Nail Manicure Kit with Pink Glue is the perfect at-home manicure solution for anyone looking for a professional-looking French manicure. This kit includes 28 nails, pink nail g...

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Polish, Shade Mintage 709 (Packaging May Vary)

Are you looking for a salon-quality manicure that lasts up to 8 days? Look no further than Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Polish in Shade Mintage 709 (Packaging May Vary). This is the #1 no UV/LED ligh...

Eternal Nude Nail Polish Set for Women (WILD NUDES)

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The Eternal Nude Nail Polish Set for Women (WILD NUDES) is the perfect addition to any woman's beauty routine. This 13.5ml, four-piece set of brown nail polish is long lasting, quick drying, and provi...

OPI Nail Lacquer, Neutral Nail Polish, Nude Nail Polish, 0.5 fl oz

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OPI Nail Lacquer is the perfect way to add a touch of glamour to your look. The Neutral Nail Polish and Nude Nail Polish shades are ideal for creating a sophisticated and timeless look. This set conta...

Morovan Gel Nail Polish Kit

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The Morovan Gel Nail Polish Kit is a must-have for any nail art enthusiast. With 36 colors of Solid Colors Sparkle Glitters Gel Polish, this kit is perfect for creating a variety of looks, from subtle...

Nailtopia Bio

Introducing Nailtopia Bio-Sourced, Chip Free Nail Lacquer! An all-natural, strengthening biotin and superfood-infused polish that is chip resistant and offers salon-quality results at home. Nailtopia...

Essie Nail Polish, Salon

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Essie Ladylike is the perfect nail lacquer for a proper manicure. This soft mauve nail polish brings together the elements of etiquette, posture, and protocol. The glossy shine finish gives you salon-...

OPI Nail Polish, Infinite Shine Long

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Are you looking for a long-lasting and vibrant nail polish? Look no further than OPI's Infinite Shine Long-Wear Lacquer in Greens! This 0.5 fl oz bottle of nail polish is the perfect way to add a pop ...


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5. DND Base and Top Coat cures in 30 seconds under a LED lamp or 2 minutes under a UV lamp. 6. Made in USA with the highest quality ingredients, ensuring a safe and reliable product. 7. Easy to appl...

Eternal Red Nail Polish Set for Women (ROCK & ROSE)

The Eternal Red Nail Polish Set for Women (ROCK & ROSE) is the perfect way to add a touch of elegance and style to any look. This 13.5ML 5 pc Pink Nail Polish Set for Girls is long lasting and quick d...

OPI Nail Lacquer, Funny Bunny, White Nail Polish, 0.5 fl oz

OPI Nail Lacquer Funny Bunny is the perfect white nail polish for your neutral manicure needs. This slightly off-white shade is irresistibly sweet and provides sheer coverage that is perfect for layer...

OPI Nail Lacquer, Bubble Bath, Nude Nail Polish, 0.5 fl oz

4. Long lasting formula, up to 7 days of wear 5. Easy to apply and remove with Expert Touch Lacquer Remover 6. Award-winning product, Sunday Times Style Beauty Awards 2015 and Best Beauty Awards 201...

OPI Infinite Shine 2 Long

OPI Infinite Shine 2 Long-Wear Lacquer in Alpine Snow is the perfect choice for a classic, long-lasting manicure. This white nail polish is formulated with the latest technology to provide up to 10 da...

Mineral Fusion Nail Polish Gel Top Coat, 0.33 Ounce (Packaging May Vary)

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Introducing Mineral Fusion Nail Polish Gel Top Coat 0.33 Ounce (Packaging May Vary). This long-lasting protective top coat is the perfect way to get a plump, ultra shiny finish without needing a UV li...

786 Cosmetics Breathable Nail Polish

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786 Cosmetics Breathable Nail Polish is the perfect vegan, cruelty-free, healthy, halal, and fast-drying nail polish. Our nail polish is free of the top 11 harshest chemicals found in a typical nail p...

Sally Hansen

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Add a splash of nature to your nails with Sally Hansen Good.Kind.Pure. Nail Polish. This natural, plant-based, and 100% vegan nail polish features a rich, earthy tone that will make your nails look he...

Nicole Miller Nail Polish Set, 14 MINI Nail Polish Colors, Polish Kit for Fingernails and Toenails

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The Nicole Miller Nail Polish Set is the perfect way to express yourself through color. With 14 trendy and beautifully pigmented shades, this set is sure to have something for everyone. From basic eve...

Nailtopia Bio

Nailtopia Bio-Sourced, Chip Free Nail Lacquer is the perfect choice for a healthy, eco-friendly manicure. This all-natural, strengthening biotin and superfood-infused polish is designed to give you th...

Choosing the most long lasting nail polish can be a daunting task, especially with the variety of products available in the market. Some nail polishes claim to last weeks without chipping while others can barely make it through the day. However, there are some crucial elements that one needs to keep in mind when selecting the most long lasting nail polish products.

Factors to Consider

Type of Polish
There is a variety of nail polish types, but generally, there are three common types of nail polishes: regular, gel and dip powder. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages, making it essential for one to understand which type is suitable for them. For example, regular nail polishes are an affordable option, but they tend to chip quickly. Gel polishes, on the other hand, are more durable, but they require a UV/LED lamp to cure and remove, which could be a hassle for some people. Dip powder nails, while relatively new to the nail polish game, have been gaining in popularity due to their durability, ease of application and the range of colors available.
The brand of nail polish you choose is also critical in determining the longevity of your manicure. Well-known brands like OPI, Essie and China Glaze have been in the market for years and are known for their quality and durability. While they may be a bit more expensive compared to other brands, investing in a good quality polish may save you money in the long run as you don't have to reapply constantly.
The formula of the nail polish and its ingredients play an essential role in determining the longevity of the manicure. Ideally, one should choose a nail polish with a long-wearing formula that doesn't chip, crack, or peel quickly. They should also look out for polishes free of toxic ingredients such as formaldehyde, DBP, and toluene.
The brush of the nail polish also affects how the polish is applied and, hence, how long it lasts on the nails. A brush that is too thin or fluffy may cause streaking, making it hard to achieve an even coverage. Ideally, one should go for a brush that is flat, wide, and has a round tip. Such a brush allows for easier application and a more precise finish.

Tips When Choosing Most Long Lasting Nail Polish

Consider your nail type
Before deciding on a nail polish, one should consider their nail type. If one has weak, brittle and thin nails, regular nail polish might be the best option. Gels or dip powders can be avoided as they can be harsh and may weaken the nails further. On the other hand, if one has strong nails, gels and dip powders can be an excellent option as they are more durable.
Read reviews
Reading reviews by other customers can help one determine the efficacy of the nail polish. One should look out for reviews that highlight the durability, ease of application, and coverage of the nail polish. Additionally, one should also check reviews for the time it took for the polish to show signs of chipping.
Invest in a top coat and base coat
Using a topcoat and base coat can significantly enhance the longevity of the nail polish. A base coat creates a smooth surface for the polish to adhere to, while a top coat adds an extra layer of protection and shine to the polish. It is essential to apply both the base coat and topcoat and allow them to dry completely before applying the polish.
Dry time
Dry time is of utmost importance when selecting nail polish products, as it determines how long the nail polish will last. Polishes that dry quickly tend to last longer as they have more time to settle and form a tough layer. Hence, one should look out for polishes that dry quickly and avoid moving around before the polish is entirely dry.
Consider your lifestyle
Finally, one should consider their lifestyle when choosing the most long lasting nail polish. If one has an active lifestyle, they may want to choose a polish that can withstand chipping, peeling, and fading. Additionally, one should avoid polishes that require a lot of upkeep and maintenance, as they may not have the time to keep up with them.


In conclusion, selecting the most long lasting nail polish requires time and commitment. One needs to take into account their nail type, brand, formula, brush, and lifestyle. Additional tips, such as reading reviews, investing in a top coat and base coat, and allowing the polish to dry completely, can also help one achieve a long-lasting manicure. By following these tips, one can achieve a polished and long-lasting manicure that they can be proud of.

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